NameSHRUB EditionPage NoAuthor
1901 Census  1st Edition – Spring, 20039By Michael Rutt
94 London Road 13th Edition – Spring 20097
A potted history of Sandy Warren, Sandy Heath & The Lodge Part 1 5th Edition – Spring 20053By Neil Renwick, RSPB Heathlands Awareness Officer
A potted history of Sandy Warren, Sandy Heath & The Lodge Part 2  6th Edition – Autumn 200510By Neil Renwick RSPB Heathlands Awareness Officer
A W Peel’s Diary of 1864 Extracts from Part 210th Edition – Autumn 20073
A W Peel’s Diary of 1864 Extracts from Part 3 11th Edition – Spring 20083
A W Peel’s Diary of 1864 Extracts from Part 412th Edition – Autumn 20086
A W Peel’s Diary of 1864 Extracts from Part 513th Edition – Spring 20093
A W Peel’s Diary of 1864 Extracts from Part1 9th Edition – Spring 20075
A W Peel’s Diary, Extracts from 1864/5 Part 116th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 16
A W Peel’s Diary, Extracts from 1864/5 Part 218th Edition – Autumn 20115
A W Peel’s Diary, Extracts From 1864/5 Part 319th Edition – Spring 201213
A W Peel’s Diary, Extracts From 1864/5 Part 420th Edition – Autumn 201211
A W Peel’s Diary, Extracts From 1864/5 Part 521st Edition – Spring 201313
A1 in 1794 24th Edition – Autumn 201415By John Byng, Viscount Torrington
Addison Houses, St Neots Road 13th Edition – Spring 20098By Peter Blaine
Addison Houses?  2nd Edition – Autumn, 20039By Peter Blaine
Alan Richardson25th Edition – Summer 20153By Mick Reynolds
An article sent to us from overseas A Sandy link with Canada7th Edition – Spring 20067Sent By Elizabeth Crouch, Canada
Archaeological Dig at the Tesco Development in New Road21st Edition – Spring 201317
Arthur Wellesley Peel, His Life, Times and Connection with Sandy 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 13
Aspects of the GLC development20th Edition – Autumn 201214Cutting from Biggleswade Chronicle 
Bakers in Sandy  2nd Edition – Autumn, 20037By Sian Feetham
Bedford Road 1901 Census  The social structure  3rd Edition – Spring 20047By Michael Rutt
Bedford to Cambridge Railway A Brief History of10th Edition – Autumn 20078
Bedfordshire County Council Meeting Minutes Extracts from 1889-91 20th Edition – Autumn 20126By Mick Reynolds
Bedfordshire County Council Meetings Minutes from 22nd Edition – Autumn 20133By Mick Reynolds
Bedfordshire to Utah27th Edition – Spring 20169By Richard Barlow
Beeston Methodist Church 15th Edition – Spring 201012By Alan Richardson
Beeston times  4th Edition – Autumn 200411By Alan Richardson
Bidlake Corner A Memorial Garden for a ‘Great Cyclist’10th Edition – Autumn 20074
Biggleswade Chronicle, 1942 Cutting from 21st Edition – Spring 201320
Bill Hanford Memories of my father 2nd Edition – Autumn, 20034By Claire King, nee Hanford
Black Road and the Newt Pond – The Sunday Morning Walk, 195824th Edition – Autumn 20147By Gareth Wilcox
Brickmaking in Bedfordshire 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 19By Pete Messenger
Buttery, and MI630th Edition – Autumn 20173By Geoffrey Pidgeon and Richard Barlow
Camping in the Sandy Hills and Woods 195735th Edition – Spring 202012By Gareth Wilcox
Charlie Clements and his horse 3rd Edition – Spring 20049By Claire King
Chicksands connection to Sandy  5th Edition – Spring 20059By Roger Ward
Church Room and the Tin Hut, St Neot’s Road  5th Edition – Spring 200510By Claire King
Circuses in Sandy 10th Edition – Autumn 20076By Ken Page
Claire King nee Hanford27th Edition – Spring 20166By Mick Reynolds
Clock presented to Sandy Station Master in 1869 Story of20th Edition – Autumn 201219By Peter Hall 
Content of Local History Articles in Shrub23rd Edition – Summer 201416By Alan Bailey
Council Table  2nd Edition – Autumn, 20038By Claire King
Cradle of Beauty, A personal refection & a poem Sandy 6th Edition – Autumn 20053By Claire King
Craven & Co’s Bedfordshire Directory 1853  9th Edition – Spring 200711
Cricket in the Park –  Sandy Cricket Club 22nd Edition – Autumn 20138By Malcolm Young
Crimean Lodge30th Edition – Autumn 20176By Barry Groom
Dawson’s Bakery, Blunham25th Edition – Summer 201515By Peter Hall
Day at Sandy Junction – Part 224th Edition – Autumn 20149By Peter Hall
Day at Sandy Junction Part 1, misc local railway information 18th Edition – Autumn 20112By Peter Hall
Doctors Close36th Edition – Spring 202012By Richard Barlow and Stephen Allen
Dr Winter’s Tale36th Edition – Spring 20206By Richard Barlow and Stephen Allen
Election Fever – 1889 and 193625th Edition – Summer 201512By Colin Dent
Emplins32nd Edition -Autumn 201815By Richard Barlow
Evacuee in Sandy35th Edition – Spring 20204By Elaine Chick and Richard Barlow
Extracts from A W Peel’s Diary of 1864 part 614th Edition – Autumn 20093
Extracts From A W Peel’s Diary, 1864/5 Part 622nd Edition – Autumn 20135
Favourite Websites 24th Edition – Autumn 201419By Richard Barlow
Faynes Corner – Then and Now31st Edition – Spring 201810By Alan Bailey
Fire prevention & Burials20th Edition – Autumn 201218Cutting from the Biggleswade Chronicle 27th February 1942 
Fishy Tail a record of Sandy fish & chip shops 11th Edition – Spring 20088By Mick Reynolds
Food For Thought; the call since 1864 for refreshment facilities at Sandy Station 12th Edition – Autumn 200810By Peter Hall
Former Places of Worship in Girtford Part  1 – All Saints Mission Church25th Edition – Summer 20154By Alan Bailey
Former Places of Worship in Girtford Part 2 – Girtford Primitive Methodist  Church and the Salvation Army Barracks26th Edition – Autumn 20155By Alan Bailey
Former Places of Worship in Girtford Part 3 – Private Houses27th Edition – Spring 20167By Alan Bailey
Francis Pym 1891 His Marriage 5th Edition – Spring 20055By Barry Groom
From The Archive 19th Edition – Spring 20128Poster proclaiming King Edward VIII’s succession to the throne
Fuller’s Cafe  4th Edition – Autumn 20047By Mick Reynolds
Gardening cum Archaeology in  3rd Edition – Spring 200412By Pat Fowler
Gasworks Sandy 12th Edition – Autumn 200811
General Election, 180736th Edition – Spring 202018By Richard Barlow
Gilby’s and its Neighbours – Then and Now36th Edition – Spring 20209By Colin Dent and Trevor Warrs
Girtford Memories 1930s to 1950s35th Edition – Spring 20208By Margaret Pells and June Arnold
Girtford Pubs Past & Present 18th Edition – Autumn 20114By Ken Page & John Goodlet
Gladys Spring, interviewed in January 1978 about her early life  4th Edition – Autumn 20043By Steve Purchase
GLC Overspill in Sandy  7th Edition – Spring 200612By Sian Feetham
Greatest One-Day Show in England – A Short History of the Sandy Show26th Edition – Autumn 201510By David Thomas and Steve Purchase
Growing Tomatoes  8th Edition – Autumn 20062By Pete Messenger
Guide 2007  Sandy & District Visitor  8th Edition – Autumn 20066By Barry Groom
Guides 90th Birthday Sandy15th Edition – Spring 201010By Ann Crome, Guider, 1st Sandy Guides
Hamlet End Nursery  7th Edition – Spring 20061By Pete Messenger
Hasell’s Hall A short history of 9th Edition – Spring 20074
Herbert Hills & Tempsford Airfield 8th Edition – Autumn 200612
History of ‘Bistone Green’ Beeston Green 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 3
History of Beeston36th Edition – Spring 202013By Max Hill
History of Beeston Some Notes part 1  6th Edition – Autumn 20056By Ken Page
History of Beeston Some Notes part 2  7th Edition – Spring 20068By Ken Page
History of Sandy Pubs Part 214th Edition – Autumn 20096
History repeating itself Local admin boundaries  6th Edition – Autumn 200514By Poppy Cope
Household Magazine & Bills etc, from local suppliers18th Edition – Autumn 201112
Hunt’s Stonemasons A potted history 4th Edition – Autumn 200415By John Hunt
I am not a local At least I thought so! 18th Edition – Autumn 201117Maureen Purchase’s family history
I was nearly born in Sandy  2nd Edition – Autumn, 20036By Derek Roughton
Ivel Navigation – Sandy’s Canal 20th Edition – Autumn 20124By Richard Barlow
J.H. Mead & Son local printers & stationers12th Edition – Autumn 20083
Jordan’s Mill and Premises at St Neots Road  5th Edition – Spring 200513By Ken Page
Jordan’s Yard redevelopment  4th Edition – Autumn 200413By Claire King
Kelly’s Directory  2nd Edition – Autumn, 20034By Sally Davies
Kelly’s Directory 184711th Edition – Spring 20085
Kelly’s Directory 189813th Edition – Spring 20097
Kelly’s Directory 1898 Extracts from10th Edition – Autumn 20075
Ken Page31st Edition – Spring 201811By Mick Reynolds
King and Queen of Yugoslavia visit to Sandy Part 235th Edition – Spring 202024By Sally Carlow
King and Queen Visit Sandy33rd Edition – Spring 20197By Sally Carlow
Laburnum memories Laburnum School  6th Edition – Autumn 200518By various
Laburnum School memories  6th Edition – Autumn 200517By Joan Bell
Lady Jane Pym, Hazells Hall  3rd Edition – Spring 200410By Barry Groom
Last Working Horse in Sandy19th Edition – Spring 201214From The Archive 
Lepard Brothers Limited33rd Edition – Spring 201912By Richard Barlow, talking to Cynthia Dent
Letter from a visitor to our website Personal Memories of Sandy 1963-1979 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 2By Susan Horne nee Day
Library in Sandy 4th Edition – Autumn 20046By Barry Groom
Life and Times of a WWII Evacuee  7th Edition – Spring 20063By Steve Purchase
Life at the Jetty26th Edition – Autumn 20153By Peter Wiles
London Road 94, Girtford, Sandy  4th Edition – Autumn 200417By Pat Whiteaker & Mary Addison
London Road Girtford. Now and Then29th Edition – Spring 201712By Alan Bailey
Lord Nelson – Then and Now35th Edition – Spring 202010By Trevor Warrs
Lord Stewart – The Montacute Connection32nd Edition -Autumn 20186By Sally Carlow
Magnolia House  3rd Edition – Spring 20043By Claire King
Manor Farm Children’s Home, Memories of 115th Edition – Spring 20104By Barry Devereux
Manor Farm Children’s Home, Memories of 216th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 7By Barry Devereux
Mansion House at Sandye Place16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 15
Memories of a WWII ‘Land Girl’ 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 19By Liz French
Memories of Laburnum School  7th Edition – Spring 200611By Sian Feetham
Memories of Sandy and the Petrol Dump 22nd Edition – Autumn 201314By Fred Punter
Memories of SANDY in the 1920s-30s 20th Edition – Autumn 20123By Jean Grinstead 
Memories of the Queen’s Head  8th Edition – Autumn 200613By Diana Mehew
Message and memories from a new member  7th Edition – Spring 200614By Diana Mehew
Mill at Sandy  3rd Edition – Spring 20045By Mick Reynolds with Herbert Walker
Mill on the Ivel in Sandy 22nd Edition – Autumn 201313By Mick Reynolds with Herbert Walker
More Childhood Ramblings 18th Edition – Autumn 201114By Peter Hall
Nursing Association Sandy35th Edition – Spring 202014By Sally Carlow
Old Sandy Doctors29th Edition – Spring 20175By Peter Hall
Onion sheds in the Sandy area 5th Edition – Spring 20058By Peter Messenger
Onion Sheds Picture26th Edition – Autumn 201513By Peter Messenger
Opening of Sandy Cemetery  6th Edition – Autumn 200514By Barry Groom
Peasin’32nd Edition -Autumn 201812By Peter Hall
Pen Portrait – Peter Hall Memories from an ‘exiled son of Bedfordshire’  8th Edition – Autumn 20065By Peter Hall
Poetic memories of Eileen Whitmore25th Edition – Summer 20159By Mick Reynolds
Population growth in Sandy over the years 7th Edition – Spring 200614
Population Growth of Sandy compared with Potton 1801-1991 24th Edition – Autumn 20143By Alan Bailey
Postcards from the Past 21st Edition – Spring 201312Postcards and messages from the SHRG Archive
Pubs – Sandy & Girtford Part 2 19th Edition – Spring 20127By Ken Page & John Goodlet
Pubs –Sandy & Girtford Part 2 cont:19th Edition – Spring 201217By Ken Page & John Goodlet
Pubs Sandy Part 4 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 5By Ken Page
Railway Accidents in Sandy  Accident 3, 196927th Edition – Spring 201611By Tony Applegarth
Railway Accidents in Sandy Accident 1, 186825th Edition – Summer 20157By Tony Applegarth
Railway Accidents in Sandy Accident 2, 196426th Edition – Autumn 20157By Tony Applegarth
Railway Accidents in Sandy Accident 4,  199828th Edition – Autumn 201615By Tony Applegarth
Railway Recollections  8th Edition – Autumn 20068By Peter Hall
Rector the longest serving of St Swithun’s Parish Church22nd Edition – Autumn 201320
Red Lion Pub, High Street, Sandy 15th Edition – Spring 20108
Richardson Family History  8th Edition – Autumn 200610By Ken Page
Road Names in Sandy 125th Edition – Summer 201516By Richard Barlow
Road Names in Sandy 226th Edition – Autumn 201518By Richard Barlow
Road Names in Sandy 327th Edition – Spring 201616By Richard Barlow
Road Names in Sandy 428th Edition – Autumn 201617By Richard Barlow
Road Names in Sandy 430th Edition – Autumn 201715By Richard Barlow
Road Names in Sandy 531th Edition – Spring 201817By Richard Barlow
Roman Sandy – A Walled Town  32nd Edition -Autumn 20183By Richard Barlow
Saline and why it was not Roman Sandy 23rd Edition – Summer 20146By Richard Barlow
Sandy and Potton Railway5th Edition – Spring 200512By George Howe, Chairman of Sandy Transport Society
Sandy Around 180031st Edition – Spring 201814By James Wyatt
Sandy As I Knew it around 1932 Part 121st Edition – Spring 20139By Doug Flint via Roy Barham
Sandy As I Knew it around 1932 Part 222nd Edition – Autumn 20139By Doug Flint
Sandy Brick and Tile Works 23rd Edition – Summer 20143By Malcolm Young
Sandy Brickyard and the Brickyard Pond31st Edition – Spring 20188By Gareth Wilcox
Sandy Charities30th Edition – Autumn 20179By Peter Mount
Sandy Charities 22nd Edition – Autumn 201321
Sandy Feast  9th Edition – Spring 20076By Ken Page
Sandy Fields to Northern Markets28th Edition – Autumn 201611By Gareth Wilcox
Sandy Fire Station – Then and Now30th Edition – Autumn 201714By Alan Bailey
Sandy Heath Petrol Dump – an Update22nd Edition – Autumn 201319By David Sullivan
Sandy in the Domesday Book28th Edition – Autumn 20163By Alan Bailey
Sandy Library The Old One18th Edition – Autumn 201120
Sandy Memories of 23rd Edition – Summer 20147By Gareth Wilcox
Sandy Mill – Then and Now33rd Edition – Spring 201910By Alan Bailey and Richard Barlow
Sandy Petroleum Depot Compiled 19th Edition – Spring 20123By Peter Hall
Sandy Post Office – 190731st Edition – Spring 20183Biggleswade Chronicle 
Sandy Pubs, A Fresh Look at the History Part 111th Edition – Spring 20086By Ken Page
Sandy Road Names – Part 633rd Edition – Spring 201915By Richard Barlow
Sandy Street Names  5th Edition – Spring 200516By Steve Purchase
Sandy Town Centre – Then and Now27th Edition – Spring 201613By Alan Bailey
Sandy Town Centre – Then and Now28th Edition – Autumn 201613By Alan Bailey
Sandy War Memorial and its Architect30th Edition – Autumn 201712By Val McFarlane
Sandy’s Manual Telephone Exchange36th Edition – Spring 20203By Pam Thomson)
Sandy’s Oldest School St Swithun’s C of E School13th Edition – Spring 20095
Sandy’s Oldest School St Swithun’s C of E School, Update of article in 13th Edition of SHRUB14th Edition – Autumn 200911
Sandy’s Roman Road Poem26th Edition – Autumn 201515By Ted Holgate
Sandye Place – An Asset of Community Value33rd Edition – Spring 20193By Alan Bailey
Sandye Place A short history of 9th Edition – Spring 20072
Sandy’s Old Field Names29th Edition – Spring 201714By Richard Barlow
School Sandy’s Oldest St Swithun’s C of E 2nd Edition – Autumn, 20036By Sandra Bullock
Shannon or Jane?28th Edition – Autumn 20167By Richard Barlow
Shopping in Old Blunham24th Edition – Autumn 201417By Peter Hall
Shopping in Sandy, 188127th Edition – Spring 20163By Richard Barlow
SHRG as a case study  3rd Edition – Spring 20044By Sian Feetham
Silver Band Sandy 29th Edition – Spring 201718By Gavin Holman
Sir William Peel Pub, High Street, Sandy 6th Edition – Autumn 200513
Sporting Arena Local sporting ‘stars’–  8th Edition – Autumn 20064By Mick Reynolds
Sporting Cyclists Sandy15th Edition – Spring 20106By Pete Hall
St Neots Road and Banks Agriculture No 2935th Edition – Spring 202020By Richard Barlow
St Neots Road No 27 houses 3rd Edition – Spring 20046By Steve Purchase 
St Swithun’s Church Restoration 1859-1861  2nd Edition – Autumn, 20035By Barry Groom
St Swithun’s School Record of a school inspection, 1904 – 2nd Edition – Autumn, 20038By Steve Purchase
Stained Glass Windows of St Swithun’s Church36th Edition – Spring 202021By Trevor Warrs
Stone Age Sandy  23rd Edition – Summer 201412By Richard Barlow
Stone Axe  6th Edition – Autumn 20059By Mick Reynolds
Stone Axe former pub, A New View 16th/17th Edition – Spring 2011 9By Ken Page & Mary Richardson
Stone Axe Pub Original sign.19th Edition – Spring 201212From The Archive 
Street Names Sandy  – An Update  6th Edition – Autumn 200512By Steve Purchase
Sunday Family Walk, 195727th Edition – Spring 201614By Gareth Wilcox
Sutton’s  Shop 13th Edition – Spring 20096By David Sutton
Sutton’s Shop History of a Local Store  6th Edition – Autumn 20054
Talk on FT BIDLAKE 1867-1933 cyclist Extracts from.13th Edition – Spring 20099Given By Graham Thompson
Talk on Tempsford Airfield  6th Edition – Autumn 200519By Sian Feetham
The 1946 Sandy Show – The Search for a Photo33rd Edition – Spring 20195By Richard Barlow and Barbara Courtney
Theatre Group Sandy 29th Edition – Spring 20177By Chris Bashford
Thoughts of a 10 year old Sandy boy c1950 Burt Berridge  4th Edition – Autumn 20045By Peter Messenger
Town Hall in Sandy 22nd Edition – Autumn 201315By Ken Page
Town Hall Sandy, The Victory and Albany  3rd Edition – Spring 20048By Ken Page
Unearthing Beeston  5th Edition – Spring 200515By Poppy Cope
Upstairs, Downstairs in Sandy 100 years ago 20th Edition – Autumn 201215By Richard Barlow
Upstairs, Downstairs in Sandy, 100 Years Ago, Part 2 21st Edition – Spring 20133By Richard Barlow
Video memories 1st Edition – Spring, 20037Rosie Cooper – Rosie lived in Sandy for over 65 years
Visit to Potton Railway Station 9th Edition – Spring 20073
Water Mill Sandy  4th Edition – Autumn 20049By Ken Page
Water Mill Sandy some amendments  5th Edition – Spring 20057By George Barnett
What they said about Sandy Extracts from old books about the local area 8th Edition – Autumn 200615
What’s in a Name? Local nicknames 20th Edition – Autumn 20129By Peter Hall
Whirlwind Romance. The Sandy Tornadio 195029th Edition – Spring 20173By William (Bill) Kent
Whitby’s wares George Whitby sold household goods from a Jowett van 2nd Edition – Autumn, 20035By Michael Rutt
William Peel VC, a Local Hero  7th Edition – Spring 20066Reproduced from Sandy Community Website
World’s Greatest Pedestrian Visits Sandy31st Edition – Spring 20186By Richard Barlow