Archiving Sandy


Old Postcards and Photographs – we have built up a huge collection of postcards and photographs of old Sandy, and are always on the look-out for more. Samples from our collection are displayed several times a year at our local exhibitions, and are used to illustrate our magazine SHRUB.

Photographing Changing Sandy – we try to photograph changes in Sandy as they occur, so that a record is kept of how things looked before new developments and refurbishments take place.

Then and Now Photograph Sets – Our magazine SHRUB has a regular feature showing then and now shots from the same spot. Examples include Faynes Corner, London Road in Girtford, Sandy Fire Station, Sandy Mill, and Sandy Town Centre.

Pictorial Memories – We have published two volumes of Pictorial Memories of Sandy, each featuring 40 pages of photographs of old Sandy. Copies are available priced at £9.99 each from or from Sandy Greeting and Stationery in Sandy Market Square.

Postcard Packs – New packs of 8 “Sandy Memories” postcards are now available priced at £3.50 per pack, and are also available from or from Sandy Greeting and Stationary in the Market Square.

Maps, Books and Artefacts – we are also building up a collection of maps, books and artefacts (including horticultural and domestic equipment, inn signs, almanacs, press cuttings, internet downloads etc). Where we can, we also display some of these materials at our exhibitions, and in principle we are always on the look-out for more, but the lack of proper storage facilities remains an ongoing problem.

Oral Records – we have recorded some oral memories of Sandy citizens, and would like to do more of this. Currently we have no specialist with skills in this area, so a new volunteer would be very welcome.

Visiting Speakers – we organise a programme of talks on Sandy history topics every year, with presentations from visiting speakers as well as our own members. Ideas on topics and speakers are always welcome.

Presentations to Other Groups – slide presentations on aspects of Sandy local history are given to other local groups as appropriate.


Research Projects – we are always on the look-out for new research into aspects of Sandy’s history, whether from our members or from others with local knowledge and interest. This research may then be presented at our programme of talks, or more usually in our magazine SHRUB which is published in Spring and Autumn each year (and is free to our members). Over 30 editions of SHRUB have now been published, each typically with 5 or 6 articles on Sandy history topics. An index of articles published was included in the Summer 2014 edition of SHRUB, and updated in Spring 2018; full details can be found elsewhere on this website. One major piece of work is our attempt to explain the origin and meaning of all the road names in Sandy, which has been serialised in SHRUB magazine. Another important topic concerns the First and Second World War experiences of Sandy and its people; photographs and other inputs from the public are particularly welcome in this area.

Current Research – a log is kept of all the ongoing but as yet unpublished research of which we are aware. As at January 2020 this included around 25 items, some at the embryo stage and others complete, and including (in no particular order) Sandy Mill and the Mill Pools, Sandy Nursing Association, Sandy Allotments, Sandy in the 1930’s, Sandy Gas Works, Sandy Foundation Stones, the Sand Hills, the Sandy Show (an update), Sandy Church, an Evacuee in Sandy, and Gunns Bakery.

A Museum for Sandy – a long term objective for SHRG is creation and operation of a museum for Sandy, facilitating proper storage and display of our postcards, photographs, maps, books, and artefacts, and providing an educational, research, and general interest resource for Sandy residents, visitors, and students. This is a major project which requires substantial resources of money, time, and expertise to bring it to fruition. Currently these resources do not exist, but if you are interested and would like to help, we would be delighted to hear from you.

RAB/SHRG/January 2020

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