Data Protection Policy

1. The Society only processes personal information for the benefit of the membership and the efficient running of the Society.

2.  The categories of personal data relating to members are:- title, names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses.

3. The recipients of the data are limited to Committee Members but only where this is necessary for the running of the Society. Committee Members do not have this data automatically provided to them.

4. The Society would only transfer data to a third party where this was necessary for organised events and there was a specific reason, e.g. security. Transfer would be limited to information essential to meet such requirements.

5. Data of deceased members and those not renewing their membership will be erased from the membership database as soon as information is received or in the case of non-renewals six months after the Society’s AGM.

6. The Membership database is held on an Excel spreadsheet on the Membership Secretary’s personal computer. This is protected by Anti-virus software which is continually updated. If part or all of the database is provided to a Committee Member as a hard copy or as an electronic document it is the recipient’s responsibility to hold that data securely and when its use has ceased to securely destroy it.

7. The database is constructed and maintained largely from paper application forms. These forms will be kept for the current Membership Year and the previous year. The previous year’s forms will be securely destroyed at the end of the current calendar year. Only Committee members will be permitted to access these forms and for a reason germane to the running of the Society. If a member has requested deletion of their personal data it will be removed from our stored records within 28 days of a written request to the Membership Secretary.
July 2018